Greece - Football league 2 Group 4


Achaiki FC


AO Pannafpliakos

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Date Sunday 24th November 2013
Time 14:00 CET
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Achaiki FCAO Pannafpliakos
LOST in last 1 Football league 2 Group 4's games.WON in last 1 Football league 2 Group 4's games.
NOT DRAW in last 8 Football league 2 Group 4's games.NOT DRAW in last 10 Football league 2 Group 4's games.

7.League position13.
  6pts.Last five games  3pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

9 on Achaiki FC

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
30th Mar 14 Greece - Football league 2 Group 4AO Pannafpliakos : Achaiki FC 2:0
24th Nov 13 Greece - Football league 2 Group 4Achaiki FC : AO Pannafpliakos 2:0
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Achaiki FC
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24.11.Achaiki FC2:0AO PannafpliakosMore details about <b>Achaiki FC</b>-AO Pannafpliakos game
10.11.AO Pannafpliakos2:1APO PanargiakosMore details about <b>AO Pannafpliakos</b>-APO Panargiakos game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Ae Ermionidas30232555:2271
2APO Panargiakos30195647:2662
4AE Karaiskakis30183941:2957
5Panarkadikos FC30139832:2348
6Doxa Manoladas301461037:3248
7Achaiki FC301371035:2746
8PAO Vardas301210828:2246
9Atromitos Lappa30129943:3045
10PAS Korinthos301351235:2644
11AE MESOLOGGIOU3010101042:3740
12Messiniakos FC301071336:4237
13AO Pannafpliakos30732024:4624
14Aris Eitolikou30372019:5316
15Ethnikos Sageikon30352218:5714
16Panopoulou FC30352217:6714
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Ae Ermionidas15140136:1242
2AE Karaiskakis15121228:1137
3Doxa Manoladas15112225:935
4APO Panargiakos15103226:1033
6Achaiki FC1594221:731
7Panarkadikos FC1592420:1129
8PAO Vardas1583418:1227
9PAS Korinthos1583420:927
10AE MESOLOGGIOU1574423:1225
11Atromitos Lappa1566318:1024
12Messiniakos FC1565427:1923
13AO Pannafpliakos1551913:1816
14Aris Eitolikou1525811:2411
15Panopoulou FC1524911:2610
16Ethnikos Sageikon15141010:247
1Ae Ermionidas1592419:1029
2APO Panargiakos1592421:1629
4Atromitos Lappa1563625:2021
5AE Karaiskakis1562713:1820
6Panarkadikos FC1547412:1219
7PAO Vardas1547410:1019
8PAS Korinthos1552815:1717
9Achaiki FC1543814:2015
10AE MESOLOGGIOU1536619:2515
11Messiniakos FC154299:2314
12Doxa Manoladas1534812:2313
13AO Pannafpliakos15221111:288
14Ethnikos Sageikon1521128:337
15Aris Eitolikou1512128:295
16Panopoulou FC1511136:414

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Panarkadikos FC541010:213
2PAO Vardas54108:213
3Ae Ermionidas540110:412
4Atromitos Lappa540111:312
5AE Karaiskakis53117:310
6PAS Korinthos53028:59
9APO Panargiakos52125:77
10Achaiki FC52037:56
11Messiniakos FC51226:85
12Aris Eitolikou51132:114
13Ethnikos Sageikon51045:113
14AO Pannafpliakos51042:103
15Doxa Manoladas50234:102
16Panopoulou FC50051:130

1Ae Ermionidas550013:215
2AE Karaiskakis550013:415
3Panarkadikos FC550010:115
4Achaiki FC54108:113
5APO Panargiakos54108:213
7Atromitos Lappa53208:211
9Doxa Manoladas53116:410
10PAO Vardas53118:410
11PAS Korinthos52218:38
12AO Pannafpliakos52035:76
13Messiniakos FC51228:85
14Ethnikos Sageikon51135:84
15Panopoulou FC51133:94
16Aris Eitolikou51133:124
1Ae Ermionidas53117:210
2APO Panargiakos53025:69
4Panarkadikos FC51314:46
5PAO Vardas51314:46
6Atromitos Lappa52039:76
7PAS Korinthos52037:76
9Doxa Manoladas51224:85
10Aris Eitolikou51134:104
11Panopoulou FC51043:153
12Achaiki FC51044:83
13AE Karaiskakis50233:62
14Messiniakos FC50142:151
15AO Pannafpliakos50141:91
16Ethnikos Sageikon50052:100