Argentina - Primera B Nacional


Deportivo Italiano


San Martin de Tucuman

halftime (0:0)
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Date Tuesday 18th May 2010
Time 2:00 CEST
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Deportivo ItalianoSan Martin de Tucuman
DRAW in last 1 Primera B Nacional's games.DRAW in last 1 Primera B Nacional's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Primera B Nacional's games.NOT LOST in last 6 Primera B Nacional's games.

0.League position11.
  5pts.Last five games  7pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

2 on San Martin de Tucuman

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:1
»Head to Head matches
18th May 10 Argentina - Primera B NacionalDeportivo Italiano : San Martin de Tucuman 0:0
12th Dec 09 Argentina - Primera B NacionalSan Martin de Tucuman : Deportivo Italiano 1:0
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San Martin de Tucuman
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
0Deportivo Italiano38642834:7422
3Atletico Rafaela381891153:3563
4All Boys381961345:3763
7San Martin San Juan3814141048:3956
8Gimnasia Jujuy3814121234:3754
10Defensa y Justicia3814101454:5352
11San Martin de Tucuman3812141239:4150
12Ferro Carril Oeste3812131336:3949
13Boca Unidos3811151242:4848
14Club Atletico Platense3811141340:4147
15Independiente Rivadavia3812111547:5847
16Deportivo Merlo3812101635:4446
17Tiro Federal Rosario381281852:5344
18CAI Comodoro Rivadavia3811101747:5243
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

3Atletico Rafaela19125032:841
6All Boys19120531:1936
7San Martin San Juan19106333:1836
9Defensa y Justicia19104532:2634
10San Martin de Tucuman1997325:2034
11Club Atletico Platense1989225:1333
12Ferro Carril Oeste1988319:1432
14Boca Unidos1987423:1531
15Gimnasia Jujuy19100524:2230
16Deportivo Merlo1978419:1329
17Independiente Rivadavia1975729:3226
18CAI Comodoro Rivadavia1958624:2123
19Tiro Federal Rosario1964929:2422
20Deportivo Italiano19341217:3213
3All Boys1974814:1825
4Tiro Federal Rosario1964923:2922
6Atletico Rafaela1964921:2722
7Independiente Rivadavia1956818:2621
8CAI Comodoro Rivadavia19621123:3120
9Gimnasia Jujuy1948710:1520
11Defensa y Justicia1946922:2718
12Boca Unidos1938819:3317
13Deportivo Merlo19521216:3117
14Ferro Carril Oeste19451017:2517
15San Martin de Tucuman1937914:2116
16Club Atletico Platense19351115:2814
19Deportivo Italiano19301617:429
20San Martin San Juan1908715:218

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1All Boys54017:212
2Defensa y Justicia53117:110
3Independiente Rivadavia53118:610
5Ferro Carril Oeste52304:29
6Gimnasia Jujuy52213:58
7Atletico Rafaela52217:58
8San Martin de Tucuman51401:07
10Deportivo Merlo51314:46
11Tiro Federal Rosario52038:86
12Boca Unidos51224:65
13Deportivo Italiano51225:75
14CAI Comodoro Rivadavia51224:55
16Club Atletico Platense51225:75
19San Martin San Juan50323:83

1All Boys550013:515
2Independiente Rivadavia541011:613
4Atletico Rafaela54108:113
5San Martin de Tucuman53207:411
6Ferro Carril Oeste53117:510
7Defensa y Justicia53027:79
9Club Atletico Platense523010:59
10CAI Comodoro Rivadavia52217:28
14San Martin San Juan51318:66
15Gimnasia Jujuy52033:106
16Boca Unidos51221:25
17Deportivo Merlo51226:55
18Deportivo Italiano51225:95
20Tiro Federal Rosario510411:113
2Tiro Federal Rosario53029:59
4Deportivo Italiano52038:116
5CAI Comodoro Rivadavia52035:86
8Boca Unidos51229:165
9Ferro Carril Oeste51223:65
10Defensa y Justicia51226:45
11Gimnasia Jujuy51222:45
12Deportivo Merlo51136:124
13All Boys51134:54
14Independiente Rivadavia51133:84
15San Martin de Tucuman50411:34
17Atletico Rafaela51137:114
18Club Atletico Platense51043:73
19San Martin San Juan50231:92